Throughout the year, Berlin Upbeat hosts 3 Leadership Training Weekends at Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, Connecticut. These weekends encourage leadership and character development, team work, and community building.


The October Weekend, which typically takes place around halloween, focuses on team building, inter-grade bonding, and introductions to the Upbeat program. October Weekend is a great way for underclassmen to get to know each other and the upperclassmen leaders of the program.


March Weekend is the Advanced Peer Leadership Weekend. March Weekend focuses primarily on public speaking, with many workshops that help to improve student's skills and make them more confident. All students on March Weekend also plan a lesson that they will teach to 4th and 5th grade students about numerous topics such as respect, kindness, or organization.


May Weekend is focused on team building skills and bonding between program members. All students participate in a low ropes course where they must work together in order to succeed. May Weekend is also the site of our senior transition, where the old leadership says goodbye and introduces the newly selected Coordinators.