How many service hours does Upbeat complete per year?

So far this year, Upbeat has completed over 15,000 service hours since 2017

How many students are a part of Upbeat?

There are over 380 Upbeat members. That is over 40% of the BHS student body.

What are Upbeat weekends?

Throughout the year, Berlin Upbeat hosts 3 Leadership Training Weekends at Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, Connecticut. These weekends encourage leadership and character development, team work, and community building.

For more information, visit our weekends page.

When was Upbeat started?

Upbeat began in 1988 with a $17,000 grant from the United States Department of Education Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

Learn more about our history here.

How is Upbeat funded?

Upbeat is funded through donations, grants, fundraising efforts, and in-kind services from the Town of Berlin, with support and backing from the Berlin Board of Education.

If you are interested in supporting Upbeat financially, donate here or become a sponsor here.